Jane Boroky

Training with Trainer kite

AUMC has two full size kite kits and one four-line inflated leading edge trainer.  I’m planning to get some practice in with the trainer.  I currently work at West Lakes Aquatic Centre, 100 Military Rd West Lakes Shore.  One of the Tennyson Dunes carparks is just over the road with paths leading through to the […]

Copycat cuttlefish trip

Reminder to members that they don’t have to wait for Committee members to organise events.   Melinda Krebsz emailed me: I heard about the cuttlefish snorkel when I saw the post on the website of Adelaide University Mountain Club. Unfortunately I missed the official snorkel trip in May. One of the club members provided all […]

Cuttlefish snorkeling – Point Lowly

I heard about the cuttlefish when I was in Port Augusta for some Dinghy Instructor training.  Admittedly I didn’t have all the facts when I posted a trip, but it seemed fairly feasible, very popular, and had some additional side trips.  Thanks must go to the Whyalla Tourist Information for information, the Adelaide Uni SCUBA Club (AUSC) […]

Shipwrecks and Dolphins paddle

Weather forecast for Sunday 7 June 2015 was good so I posted  and ‘event’ with a number of options.  The most popular was kayaking through the shipwrecks with (fingers crossed)  some dolphins.  We met at West Beach at 9am, checked and loaded a collection of sea and estuary kayaks on the ‘Big Red Trailer’ and […]

Torrens Linear Park bikeride

Weather forecast looked good for longweekend so I posted a general ‘event’ with various options.  I got a number of takers (registered though the AUMC registration system) and negotiated a bikeride from the North Terrace bikeshed to the beach and back.  To be honest, it was an opportunity to check out the state of the […]

AUMC Boardsurfing

In the week before Saturday 6June15 Swellnet (www.swellnet.com) provided a forecast for the SA ‘Mid’ Coast of about 2 foot swell and Bureau of Met forecast clear skies and 19C, lovely winter weather.  Sorry about the old numbers, that’s still the way it is.  2 foot swell means about 3 foot (1 metre in the […]

Basic Kayak skills

It might look like a waste land in the background, but is really just a heap of sea weed at Adelaide Shores, where aspiring AUMC kayakers are trying out their  paddling technique on land, before launching. Twelve people attended, and we had a great day learning how to paddle effectively and with style (even sideways). Everyone capsized and […]