AUMC Boardsurfing

In the week before Saturday 6June15 Swellnet ( provided a forecast for the SA ‘Mid’ Coast of about 2 foot swell and Bureau of Met forecast clear skies and 19C, lovely winter weather.  Sorry about the old numbers, that’s still the way it is.  2 foot swell means about 3 foot (1 metre in the new numbers) face, nice novice wave size.  Im (Imants) brought his short board, and Toby and I (Zimmo)  grabbed AUMC mini-mals from the West Beach shed and headed for Moana.  We stopped and checked out various spots, and decided on ‘Troughs’, just north of Moana.  Two breaks, Im went to the back break and Toby and I played in the inshore break.  Perfect day, and the cold water kept the competition to a minimum.  I got sick of the wetsuit and bouncing around on my chest so stripped to my budgies and headed out for an ocean swim and some bodywave.  Yep, pretty brave but got some great waves.

Here’s the map showing our great weather – a big high pressure system parked over South Australia:

Weather Map Friday 5 Jun 15