AUMC Magazine 2024 Article Submission

Hello all current and past AUMC members! 

As part of the Adelaide University Mountain Club 60th (62nd) anniversary we will be reviving the old tradition of the AUMC Chunder magazine. Early in 2024 we will publish a yearbook style magazine with the best stories and photos from AUMC adventures throughout the years.

Please help us out by contributing something relating to your time in AUMC for the magazine. Example of content that you may want to submit:

  • A trip report about an AUMC adventure you’ve had
  • A funny incident that occurred on a club trip.
  • Compile a handful of photos of AUMC members doing epic things. 
  • How-to articles about gear, places or activities.
  • Something mildly associated with AUMC or outdoor adventures 

In each submission please use humour and banter and try to capture the essence of what AUMC means to you.  Keep all submissions short and engaging for the attention spans of the smartphone generation. 

Use the form below to submit your content. Please put a note about the pictures you send with the approximate date taken, the location and the names of anyone in the picture (if you can remember).

Check out past AUMC magazines for some inspiration.

If you also have any scanned or photographed copies of the club’s Chunder Magazine or other old newsletters please send them through too.

It would be amazing if you can share this link with any old friends from your time in AUMC. We will get in touch with you once the magazine is published.