Torrens Linear Park bikeride

Weather forecast looked good for longweekend so I posted a general ‘event’ with various options.  I got a number of takers (registered though the AUMC registration system) and negotiated a bikeride from the North Terrace bikeshed to the beach and back.  To be honest, it was an opportunity to check out the state of the bikes, and try one out myself, in addition to getting some other AUMCers out.  I made it back from surfing just in time, and Jane had our bikes ready to go.  We had to pump up tyres and check the bikes, but only one was unserviceable, and we had enough to go around.  Jane, Jonathan, Priscylla, Fernanda, Glen and myself headed off.  We mostly followed the asphalt path but occasionally got the urge to follow the little side tracks.  We made it to Henley Beach, said hello to the pelicans and rode back.  I think a 30km round trip.

The team (thanks Fernanda for the photo):

Fernanda's group photo