Membership And Equipment Hire Agreement

  1. The Adelaide University Mountain Club (hereafter referred to as the AUMC) is a not-for-profit organisation, run on a voluntary basis, comprised of a group of like minded individuals with an interest in the outdoors, adventure and activities including rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, bush walking, snow skiing, rogaining, orienteering and other outdoor adventure activities.
  2. The Adelaide University Mountain Club is affiliated with the Adelaide University Sports Association (hereafter referred to as the AUSA). The AUSA provides the AUMC with limited insurance for its equipment, members and some funding for equipment maintenance and repair. The AUSA should be contacted for specific information regarding insurance.
    1. Members are defined as those persons who have paid their AUMC membership fees for the current membership period.
    2. The membership period runs from Orientation Week of the current year to the start of Orientation Week of the following year.
    3. Membership fees are currently $15 for Adelaide University Students and $103 for Non- Adelaide University Students ($15 club fee + $88 AUSA membership fee).
    4. Members must provide true and accurate details on their membership application and declaration.
    5. Members acknowledge that their actions, behavior and use of AUMC equipment have the potential to harm their personal safety and the safety and wellbeing of others around them. Members agree to act in a manner that does not endanger their personal safety or the safety and wellbeing of those around them.

The AUMC, its committee and members do not offer formal training or qualifications in outdoor activities. The club does however strongly encourage its members to become suitably qualified though the appropriate training organizations (e.g.: Canoe SA, Australian Climbing Instructors Association) and the courses they run.


  1. A fundamental purpose of the AUMC is to provide its members with access to equipment to facilitate their participation in club activities. The costs associated with the purchase of equipment would otherwise prohibit many AUMC members from participating in these activities.
  2. Equipment hire fees are in place to cover the costs of maintaining, repairing and replacing AUMC equipment (much of which is very expensive). This maintenance, repair and replacement is often the result of general wear and tear which occurs throughout the life of the equipment. Safety also dictates that some equipment is replaced regularly (e.g.: rock climbing ropes, harnesses and personal flotation devices (PDFs). However, some damage is the result of negligence by users.
  3. Members who damage equipment whilst it is on hire, where it is determined by the AUMC committee that the damage was a result of the member’s negligence, agree to contribute to the repair/replacement of the damaged equipment. The amount of the contribution will be fair, and will be determined by the AUMC committee in consultation with the equipment hirer.
  4. Members acknowledge that, whilst the AUMC inspects and makes a strong effort to maintain equipment and promote its safe use, the use/hire of equipment is at members’ own risk.
  5. The onus is on members to assess their suitability to hire/use AUMC equipment. It is not the responsibility of the Gear Hire Officer or other individuals to assess a member’s suitability to hire/use AUMC equipment.
  6. All hirers/users of equipment have a responsibility to inspect the equipment they use for damage or abnormality before, during and after use.
  7. If a member lacks the appropriate skills or experience to use the equipment OR is unsure they have the appropriate skills or experience to use the equipment they MUST NOT USE THE EQUIPMENT.
  8. Members acknowledge that they MUST IMMEDIATELY stop using equipment if the equipment is or is suspected to be damaged or an abnormality is noticed. This includes shock loading sustained to rock climbing ropes resulting from large falls.
  9. Members acknowledge that they MUST report damage or abnormal wear to equipment used/hired to a committee member as soon as possible. This includes reporting falls and shock loading sustained to rock climbing ropes and associated rock climbing equipment.
  1. Members acknowledge that the participation in AUMC events and use/hire of AUMC equipment can be inherently dangerous. Risks include but are not limited to overexertion, equipment failure, dehydration, serious accidents, tripping, falling, cuts, bruises, bone fractures, dislocations, sprains and strains, hypothermia, hyperthermia, animal/insect/snake bites, other sporting type injuries (muscular and skeletal), rope burn, weather conditions and water quality. These risks may result in a member being personally injured or their property being damaged.
  2. Members must ensure they have the appropriate health and fitness prior to using AUMC equipment. This includes considering the impact of conditions such as, but not limited to, asthma and other respiratory disorders, heart conditions, and any mental or physical disability.
  3. If in any doubt, DO NOT USE THE EQUIPMENT.