Training with Trainer kite

AUMC has two full size kite kits and one four-line inflated leading edge trainer.  I’m planning to get some practice in with the trainer.  I currently work at West Lakes Aquatic Centre, 100 Military Rd West Lakes Shore.  One of the Tennyson Dunes carparks is just over the road with paths leading through to the beach.  Depending on my roster I finish work at either 3pm or 4:30.  Obviously kitesurfing is wind dependent.  Please register if you want to be on my contact list for joining in.

About Lyndon Zimmermann

AUMC member on and off since the 1980s. Former Climbing and Kayaking Officer. Currently working as an Aquatics Instructor with schoolkids, volunteering with adults and disability groups, and still doing stuff for fun. Accredited Snorkel Coach, Sailing Dinghy Instructor, Kayak Flatwater Instructor, Swim Instructor, Surf Rescue Certificate, Pool Lifeguard, Pool Operator.