Old AUMC magazines

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Welcome to the AUMC archive – get ready to take a deep dive. Did you know that the Adelaide University Mountain Club was established in 1961? We’ve been around a while! Throughout the 70s-90s, the AUMC had an (ir)regular publication called Chunder (also Long Reach & Wild Life) containing interesting stories from trips, a whole lot of pictures, and never-ending mountain club shenanigans. Have a look through some of the old mags and see what we used to get up to back in the day…not much has changed!

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We are still missing heaps of copies from the 60s and 70s. If you know of their whereabouts (physical and/or scanned copies), do get in contact with us. Email: info@nullaumc.asn.au


We are planning to release a new issue of Chunder early next year (2024) and we want everyone to contribute something big or small to fill the pages. Funny stories, photos, trip reports, guides, how-tos and how-nots, tips and advice, puzzles, riddles, scary campfire stories…anything fun and interesting from anyone that has been involved in the club over the years. Have a flick through the old editions of Chunder below for inspo, you’ll find plenty.

Submit whatever you like here. Word vomit is acceptable.

Chunder (1971-1990)

July 1971Chunder
March 1973Chunder
July 1973Chunder
September 1973Chunder
March 1979The Stenchless Chunder
August 1979Precipitous Chunder
October 1979Repulsive Chunder
March 1980Captivating Chunder
March 1981Thundering Chunder
April 1981Electric Chunder
July 1981Biodegradable Chunder
October 1981Unprefixed Chunder
March 1982Mountains of Chunder
May 1982Indigestible Chunder
October 1982Fresh Chunder
July 1983Voluminous Chunder
August 1983Instant Chunder
November 1983Churning Chunder
March 1984Classical Chunder
April 1984Chunder
May 1984What Chunder
July 1984Hiemal Chunder
September 1984Pico Chunder
November 1984Extreme Chunder
August 1985Intrepid Chunder
Term 3 1985Belated Chunder
Term 3 1985 (Orientation)Repetition Chunder
Term 1 1986Vertical Chunder
Term 2 1986Monumental Chunder
Term 1 1987Panoramic Chunder
Term 1 1988Inverted Chunder
1989Finger Lickin’ Chunder
1990Legendary Chunder

Long Reach (1991-1992)

Winter 1991Long Reach
Spring 1991Long Reach
Autumn 1992Long Reach

Wild Life (1995-1996)

Summer 1995Wild Life
1996Wild Life Oldtimers
Summer 1996Wild Life