Copycat cuttlefish trip

Reminder to members that they don’t have to wait for Committee members to organise events.   Melinda Krebsz emailed me:

I heard about the cuttlefish snorkel when I saw the post on the website of Adelaide University Mountain Club. Unfortunately I missed the official snorkel trip in May. One of the club members provided all of the information how I can find the place so I organized another (unofficial) trip in the beginning of June. We decided to make it in a daytrip. So we left Adelaide at 8 am on Saturday 7 June. After 4 and half hours drive we reached Point Lowly and had small and quick lunch nearby the lighthouse. After the lunch we found the snorkel place next to the industrial fence the end of the 2 WD track. We saw many kangaroos jumping next to the fence. There was a very long jetty as well and lots of information signs about the giant cuttlefish. The water was cold so we worn 2 wetsuits. There were hundreds of cuttlefishes in the really shallow water, 2-3 meters. We were in the water for 2 hours and enjoyed to watch this amazing animals.
When we finished the snorkel, we drove back to Adelaide.
This snorkel trip was one of the most amazing trip in my life.
Check the videos and picture of the trip below:

And some pictures:

cuttle1_collage kanga