Torrens Island Circumnavigation

Participants: Jane, Larisa and Paul

Time taken: shortest ever in my experience, about 5 hours

There was an extremely high tide. We left Garden Is about 11am in moderate NW winds but sheltered by Torrens Is itself. Saw lots of wildlife including dolphins hunting in the shallows and lots of Ibis and other waterbirds. We easily cleared the cutting by 12.30pm – the channel was about 30m wide – certainly no beach to have lunch on!

Coming into the Port River, the wind had swung SW so we had a headwind of sorts, water a bit choppy, not too bad. Larissa had a hard time not being able to reach the rudder pedals, and having to paddle 2 left to every 1 right paddle stroke! Had late lunch just west of the power station, with the tide still coming in!! Then back along the North Arm, now with a following sea and wind off the starbord stern quarter. Quite a fast return via the almost submerged ship’s graveyard, and the most amazing entry into the last shipwreck, which is normally about 3m above the water line. Very interesting moving water and eddies around the submerged wrecks.

On return, Paul had to try a couple of rolls in the Storm, unsuccessful, as it is a teeny bit too roomy and not padded, but good try! In the rain we washed the boats down, got changed and loaded up for return to West Beach. Good trip.

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