2017 Annual Report

AUMC saw a lot of change in 2017 with restructuring of the club. A clearer pathway was developed for new members to build skills within the club by becoming trip assistants, leaders and eventually leading to the position of an officer with our club. 2017 welcomed many new members including Rachel Bartlett as our new Activities officer and Sofia Valero as our Secretary. We sadly saw many our great exchange students leave us to return home, including Hugo Wolfe our gear officer and Michael Stecher who were both great additions to the club and successfully ran our indoor rock climbing days at Vertical Reality every Tuesday night. One of our outdoor rock climbing days also made it on to TV being featured with ‘Totally Wild’ where we took one of their presenters climbing with us at Morialta. We ran many club trips in 2017 with new members gaining their basic kayaking skills and a few groups of members even joined us out at Mt Arapiles to venture into the amazing world of Traditional climbing at one of the world’s best climbing locations. Bouldering also made a revival with our club for 2017 with a new modern climbing gym opening up in Adelaide and members starting to train up their skills indoor, ready for some more outdoor challenges in the future! 2018 is set to be a great year for AUMC and we are excited to see what adventures are to come!