Arapalies Outdoor Climbing Trip #2

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Date(s) - Tue 07/02/2017 - Fri 17/02/2017
All Day

Mt Arapalies - The Pines Camp Area

Organiser: Emily
Meet At: Arapiles
Cost: FREE


We will be running a climbing trip at Mt Arapiles to relax before university starts again!

Mount Arapiles is Australia’s premier climbing destination and has been regarded as world class for decades. This amazing climbing is just over the boarder in Victoria and will be less than a 5 hour drive from Adelaide uni.

This trip will be ideal for people with significant outdoor top-rope experience looking to explore a new area as well as new styles of climbing, including trad climbing. There are hundreds of climbs of all levels including climbs that are guaranteed to allow everyone to push their climbing limits.

As we only have a limited amount of climbing gear the places for this trip will be limited. However we understand that people may not be able to commit to the entire trip so please message Emily and let her know what dates you will be coming to allow several different groups of people to come and go.

It is also important to remember to also book your camp site in the Pines camp ground, all details are on the following site: Please note this is a separate booking from them Mountain Club, so to ensure your place is booked you have to do 2 things:
1) Please book your camp spot on the above link for each day you will be staying
2) Register for for this event below

We will not be catering for this event so please bring all the food you will need for the trip with you. The closest good store is Horsham and we can organise to go their if needed but best to have everything you need from the beginning.

Transport will be in the form of car pooling so please let Emily know if you are looking for a lift and she can try and get you in touch with others who have space. Alternately there is bus to Horsham where we can organise to pick you up from.

If you do not have your own harness, climbing shoes or helmet then we can pick some up for you from the gear room before we leave on the 8th, so please let Emily know what size you need. Otherwise you can organise through the club to collect your own from the gear room at a later date. It will be required that you have these 3 items to climb with us during the trip.

The club will be providing top rope sets as well as one set of trad climbing gear. You are encouraged to bring any gear you have for your personal use. Due to the amount of gear the club will be providing, everyone will need to understand that you may not be able to trad climb every day and we will need to rotate between top-rope, trad climbing and bouldering, to ensure everyone has a turn. As well as this Mt Arapiles is a beautiful base to walk from or even bring your bike, we are sure their will be no shortage of activities to keep us busy!

If there is anyone interested in going and having a look at the Grampians (maybe having a climb or a hike) we can easily organise to go there from Arapiles as it is a bit over an hour away. This will most likely be decided while we are up there if enough interest is shown but feel free to contact Emily if you are keen and we’ll keep it in mind.

Any questions please direct to the organiser of this trip at or 0411 150 102

See you there!


Bookings are closed for this event.